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Live from Hogwarts!

Wow the drama is getting really insane! did Ginny just insult Parvati…

Harry Potter Live From Hogwarts!

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I hate dingos.
Wow the drama is getting really insane! did Ginny just insult Parvati with a bunch of flowers? WTF? she seriously looked she was going to cry when Neville checked out Parvati's chest.
  • (Anonymous)
    hahaha, this is SO crazy! And he totes wasn't checking out her chest, he's like, afraid of boobs or something.
    Parvati has some nice ta tas though, I wish mine were that big!
    • OMG! I know what you mean, the girl has a smokin' bod! How can he not fall for her? Did you see her walking around in that bikini when they did the marco polo game thing? She walked through the common room in it, and flashed the camera when she was wrapping her towel around herself! I really want to know where she bought it, it was cute! Mebbie it is from her Dad's company or something?
    • (Anonymous)
      well yeah, if you mean flashed her bikini to the camera, and not her boobs or something. It was a pretty cute green thing, right?
    • damn I was sitting right in the room and I saw it all! her boobs were totally engorged though cos nothing that sweet is real.
  • HAH! I really don't like Ginny. It's totally because she dated Harry, of course, but I hope she dates Neville so she NEVER goes back to Harry, and leave him for me!
    OMG, Parvati is SO hotter than Ginevra though. Ugh!
    • Wassup.
      • Hey, little man! How's your big bro?
        OMG, you see this all first-person, huh? You don't have to watch the firechats because you LIVE there! You're like our secret agent or something! Our expert-in-residence! Make them hang out by the fire more often!
        • Dude you wanna see some action at the fire chat? tune in tonight at six and I'll give you something to see!
  • I really don't understand the flower thing, can somebody explain that?
    • Basically in victorian times they used flowers to send secret messages and the meaning behind the flowers Ginny sent were bloody insulting.
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