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Live from Hogwarts!

Its Harry Potter!

Harry Potter Live From Hogwarts!


July 13th, 2006


fanmail to Harry!

OMG, we totally didn't want to see THAT! Put your clothes back on, that was disgusting! We watch this show to see Harry, and the drama about that nerdy kid who all the girls like but he doesn't know it- not your undies! GET AWAY FROM THE FIREPLACE!

ugh, little boy butt!

March 22nd, 2006

(no subject)

I hate dingos.
Wow the drama is getting really insane! did Ginny just insult Parvati with a bunch of flowers? WTF? she seriously looked she was going to cry when Neville checked out Parvati's chest.

July 11th, 2006


model shot
This is like the coolest thing EVAH! I totes saw the first broadcast of the "show" and it's RAD! This is like one of the best things I've ever seen on firechat, I hope they never catch on and have to cancel it cuz of lawsuits or some other crap like that, like what happend to Snoodle! (Which SO sucked!)
I am so glad I just searched the name and found this community, this is going to be the kewlest! Glad to meet you all, my name is Mari, and I'm like the hugest Harry fan ever!

March 18th, 2006

(no subject)

I hate dingos.
So I was sitting in front of me fire chat talking to my sister about the dingos getting in through the interweb cables when suddenly my fire started to get all distorted.
Next thing I know I'm picking up some sort of pirate broadcast and it was showing THE Harry Potter fighting with his girlfriend!
Of course I figured out what the permenet frequency was and then when I got online I found out a bunch of me mates from the MMM fandom had seen it as well!
So this community was created so we can all sit back and enjoy this brand new fantastic show!
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